Wednesday, July 17, 2013

World Building - Question 5 - Buildings and Building Materials

5) Buildings and building materials?

This is important because you don't want a primitive tribe of africans or native americans living in a grand marble palace unless you're writing a post apokalypse story. Even then the building will be run down and crumbling because the people wouldn't know how to take proper care of it.

Likewise you wouldn't want a modern man or King living in a teepee or reed hut unless your modern man's a missionary or the King has gotten himself into a bad situation or he's the King of the tribe; in which case he'd have the biggest, grandest reed hut in the village.

Make sure the buildings and building materials of your people are appropriate for the time, place, and persons that inhabit them.

The King lives in the grand marble palace, the tribe in the reed huts or teepees.